/regex/is a friend

Regular expression — regexp or regex for short — is actually part of daily work with computer, whether you realize it or not. It’s more common knowledge in programming languages or system administration tasks with Unix/Linux system. However, even technical people sometimes find themselves intimidated by regex at some extent.

I was recently involved in a little discussion about regex in an all-things-discussed typical mailing list of Kampung Gajah aka ID-Gmail. While some members found the regex syntaxes more like garbled text but like the output produced by regex, to me regex is a very helpful and powerful tool, and fun to work with. In short, regex is actually a friend.

But no, I’m not writing to discuss about regex in technical. It just came at the same time that I remembered a nice song from Lenka called Trouble is a Friend. I couldn’t help but reintrepreting the lyric to reflect my thought about regex. So here is my version of the song. Enjoy!

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