Victim of Apple’s failure – an open letter

To whom at Apple it may concern…

I still don’t understand why the MacBook Air 11-inch failed to deliver to my shipping address. I ordered it (on 21st Oct) from online store, received the shipment notification email (on 23rd Nov), and received shipping cancellation email (on 15th Dec). It was a seriously long wait just to face the truth that I don’t get my MBA. What’s annoying me most is that I didn’t get a chance to discuss the situation and you single-sidedly decided to cancel the order and refund the money. This all resulted in serious consequenses on my part, some of them are financial related.

Order acknowledgement email

All I knew was I trusted the Apple products and trusted the Apple Store system. It turned out that while you are proud to provide e-commerce service on your website you aren’t well prepared to complete business in Indonesia, and you fail to handle situation in Indonesian customs. At the end, I — the customer — become the victim of your failure. I depended on MBA 11″ for my upcoming works. I could tolerate the delay of delivery, but this is totally different situation, very much out of expectation. So you see how frustating it is.

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