Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1429


Dan, Insya Allah, telah saya maafkan semua

Kisah Setangkai Mawar Merah Dalam Tiga Hari

Hari ke-1

Mawar Merah hari Ke-1 (a) Mawar Merah hari Ke-1 (b)

Hari ke-2

Mawar Merah hari Ke-2 (a) Mawar Merah hari Ke-2 (b)

Hari ke-3

Mawar Merah hari Ke-3 (a) Mawar Merah hari Ke-3 (b)

The balance of nothingness

Life is just about facing options, considering them, understand their risks and future impacts, choose one of them and live with it, until you cross another path and start the cycle again. Along the way we get confused why things go the way they are. But if we’re fortunate, we have something to learn from. At some point though, I realized something I need the most, something I call balance of nothingness. Yet, I’m still in the process of searching. Until I finally get at the zero point.