Android vs iOS

ios-vs-androidThe more I think about it the clearer I see that Android and iOS take different paths. There’s always a set of policies behind the decision to implement certain features, protocols, restrictions or allowances the way they are. At the end it all roots back to the business models of their respective companies, i.e. how they make money… from us, the users. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not noting negative mark. I’m not talking about good/evil business practices.

The bottom line is it’s foolish to simply compare those platforms’ technical merits especially in favor of one while bashing another. I’m done doing it.

My suggestion to self — and whoever position themselves as (power) users rather than die hard fanboys or evangelists — just get the most out of the best of the platforms, make it worth the expense. When — or if — I do comparison, the purpose is to learn how to accomplish a particular task in both platforms, not to judge one is smarter and the other is stupid or lame.

footnote: yes, of course one can apply this to other platforms as well.

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  1. Kalo sekarang android sangat menguasai pasar smartphone dan dengan versi terbarunya,,

  2. Bener berpengaruh banget , Afrodille

  3. Bagusblog kamu gan, ,

  4. Sebenernya sama-sama bagus antara ios dan android, tinggal kita sesuaikan saja sama budget dan kebutuhan

  5. Menarik sekali artikelnya. Tapi keduanya pasti ada min plus nya.

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