Victim of Apple’s failure – an open letter

To whom at Apple it may concern…

I still don’t understand why the MacBook Air 11-inch failed to deliver to my shipping address. I ordered it (on 21st Oct) from online store, received the shipment notification email (on 23rd Nov), and received shipping cancellation email (on 15th Dec). It was a seriously long wait just to face the truth that I don’t get my MBA. What’s annoying me most is that I didn’t get a chance to discuss the situation and you single-sidedly decided to cancel the order and refund the money. This all resulted in serious consequenses on my part, some of them are financial related.

Order acknowledgement email

All I knew was I trusted the Apple products and trusted the Apple Store system. It turned out that while you are proud to provide e-commerce service on your website you aren’t well prepared to complete business in Indonesia, and you fail to handle situation in Indonesian customs. At the end, I — the customer — become the victim of your failure. I depended on MBA 11″ for my upcoming works. I could tolerate the delay of delivery, but this is totally different situation, very much out of expectation. So you see how frustating it is.

Shipment notification email

And yes, I’ve talked to the SG representatives by phone three or four times, which increased my unsatisfaction even more (not because the way they do their jobs, they’re excellent customer support officers). They told me that the refund was already done in the Apple side on 16 Dec 2010 and would take seven business days to get to the bank. Frankly, I’m not really sure what to expect anymore. I don’t need the money back, all I want is, as I ordered, a MacBook Air 11″ (which was supposed to be my first Apple product).

Cancellation email

Here are the links to screenshots of the DHL tracking website indicating the shipping status (Dec 21st, 2010 20:30).

[UPDATE 30-12-2010]

I called the bank on 23 Dec and they confirmed that the refund from Apple Store was booked on 19 Dec so the transaction was officially cancelled, and the installment was cancelled as well. Due to the fact that I’m not the one who initiated the cancellation, I’m freed from the penalty.

On 24 Dec SG Apple Store called me and I told them about the bank confirmation. On the very same day I purchased the MBA 11-inch from the local store.

8 Tanggapan

  1. buy windows notebook
    *sponsored by microsoft*

  2. emang kehebatannya mba apa om, sampe dibela2in gitu?

    • ringan, tipis, kokoh. user interface ok, daleman ok.

      kalo soal bela-belainnya ya karena gua mesen barang gak datang-datang. bisa terjadi barang apapun.

      • software2nya bayar?

      • harganya mahal sekale. gw mending pilih asus eee pc. kecuali ada yg beliin :-P

      • Menambahkan:

        + Usability.
        + Understability.
        + Functionality.
        + Buat Amen, di Mac juga bisa menggunakan Microsoft Windows kalau mau.

        – Closed Source / jadi kurang pas buat yang cenderung memilih fleksibel dengan base, kernel, dan binatang low level OS lainnya.
        – Menjadi bergantung pada Vendor di level manapun tingkatnya.

  3. Nice sharing, nuhun. Would you share your concerns why you just didn’t buy that from local store *directly* ? I wonder …

  4. nice list sir and good blog

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