What was wrong with my postings

It’s still regarding posting problem I asked here. I think I’ve figured it out, so I’m posting again to prove that the remedy I performed really fixed the problem. I can’t however explain the detail of the problem, the premises, and the plan. But I will. Up to this point, I saved (without publishing) the post, and the problem happened again. So I did what I thought needed to do. Saved it again, and voila, the problem’s gone! Let me publish this first, so we can really see how it’s displayed on the blog. I’ll continue later.

Update: I have confirmed that the problem was really fixed, no more code shown up in the post. And here is the full story. (Please be patient if you’re reading this now as I’m updating the post).

It begun with (supposed to be) my latest post (it’s in Indonesian). After several updates without publishing, suddenly a full Javascript code showed up in the post. I removed it and saved, and it showed up again. I did this many times and finally publishing the post, and the code went with it. I remembered this happened once or twice before, but it didn’t persist. It didn’t show up in the post after the first removal. So I wondered a lot why it kept showing up this time. After some digging in the FAQ and searching the forum, I posted a new thread reporting my problem. I followed the suggestions from vivianpaige and raincoaster to contact the support as this appearantly haven’t happened before.

The response from Marianne of WP support came quick. She told me that she fixed the code and confirmed that the code didn’t show up after refreshing it a few times. I confirmed as well her claim after visiting the post. The thing is the code showed up again after some minor edit (purposely tested). Now, there’s a little clue. So I wrote a couple of posts in sequence to conclude that the code shown up after two or more edits. Below is the screenshots of the two posts (both are now private).

I wrote a last testing post, trying to figure out what was happening. As I was worried, it turned out that the code kept showing up in the post, and I failed to make some conclusion. So I reported that the problem persisted back to the support. I got a reply from Alex with interesting hint. Here is the excerpt (hope Alex doesn’t mind):

As best as I can tell from a preliminary look, that’s a custom Javascript extension that you’ve installed in Firefox (or perhaps someone else installed it on your computer).  It’s evidently buggy and not compatible with the WordPress admin.

What Alex said was making sense to me. WP doesn’t allow Javascript, the <script> will be stripped out, leaving the bear code scattered over the postings. That’s the thing. The code seemed to be injected somehow by some part of the system. Alex mentioned Firefox extension, but it’s hard to check one by one, I have many of them. So I started with the Javascript code itself. And it turns that this is not a hard thing to do. The URL of authour website is written in the commented part of the code, and I loaded it right away. There I found the link to the so-called MutilPopup UserJS.

This script provides functionality to display custom tool tips upon hovering the mouse over an object on the page. It’s meant as an alternative to the standar tool tips of the browsers. When I pointed the cursor to the exmple object on the page, it displayed a fancy tool tips that reminded me right away of HyperBK, a bookmark extension for Firefox (I use version 3.0b5).

Finding this fact, I checked my extensions directory and opened the file hyper@iannet.org/install.rdf to make sure. The line read <em:contributor>Tooltip – Emrah BASKAYA  (www.hesido.com)</em:contributor> convinced me that HyperBK was involved. Now, how to fix this? I’m not a heavy user of HyperBK, yet I don’t want to abandon or disable the extension just like that. Fortunately, it has preferences we can tweak. In the HyperBK Specific Prefs section, there’s a part called Webpage Links Tooltips, along with two checked options: Mark Bookmarked Links and Mark on same path as Bookmark. I unchecked both of them, closed the browser, and opened the browser again.

Back to the editor again, I removed the script and saved the post. The script didn’t comeback. It didn’t show up when displaying the post. I edited and saved and displayed, over and over, to convince myself, but the script kept hiding somewhere. So that’s it. I was sure I fixed the problem. That’s all there’s to it. The only thing left is that how the code popped up on my page. What was the trigger. I can’t decide whether the bug relies in the script or in the extension. Or, the script is simply incompatible with 3.0b5. I plan to write to both the authors of MultiPopup script and HyperBK extension, as I have more time.

For now, I’m happy that the problem is gone, hopefully for good. I thank to the fellow WP users responsed me in the forum, specially the WP support team members. Thank you!

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