Title changed

I promoted the blog tagline to take over the blog title role, replacing the old, short, simple ‘san’. What would you expect to see on the site or blog with such title? Say, you bookmarked it and now when you’re a bit stumbled, figuring what to do right now. You go to your bookmark list, playing around that cute little arrow, moving from one entry to another, then ‘san’ catches your eyes. Suddenly, you start thinking, what was this site about? Why the heck did I even bookmark it? May be, following your curiosity, you click on. May be not. Comparing to the new, long, more descriptive title. When you look at it again, some tiny cell located in your head pumps up a reaction: “Oh that one!”, just before you say anyting. See the difference?

So did I put ‘san’ on the title in the first place? The reason was equally simple: it was the first thing came up, and I just wanted to setup it quickly, and lived with that. Until now, after a few months left it just like that, I am back.

Well, actually it’s not really about a matter of technical consideration. But, I’ll elaborate it (hopefully :-) ) more on the upcoming posting. In the mean time, the postings should be able to reflect this.

Share and enjoy!


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